KN Production

Hearing Conservation Training Media

Are you tired of paying for outdated hearing conservation training films made years ago that don't hold the viewers attention? Would you like a film that is geared towards on and off the job noise environments, has comprehensive information for your associates and pays attention to the training requirements from OSHA Noise Standard CFR 29 1910.95 or MSHA Noise Standard 30 CFR Part 62?

You've come to the right place!

Welcome to the KN Production web site. We have produced quality, reasonably priced hearing conservation training films:

All films are under a run time of 6.5 minutes which our clients find long enough to deliver all the important information to a viewer and short enough to keep their attention.  These films are perfect for mobile-testing providers, occupational health clinics and companies providing in-house hearing conservation programs.  Our films can also be shown to 'new hires' by safety personnel at individual companies to introduce and alert them to hearing safety. In these quality productions we discuss the following:
  • The ear and how it works
  • How noise can damage a person's hearing
  • Components of an effective hearing conservation program
  • Different types of hearing protection and how to properly use them
  • Noise-level testing
  • Off-the-job noise exposure

All of our products have been part of the film library at the National Hearing Conservation Assocation annual conference and have been well received.