It's A Noisy World

6.5 minutes

The opening scene talks about how throughout the day many of us are constantly bombarded with noise.  Nearly everything produces sound waves/noise and we show samples of just how loud things can be.  We alert your viewers that continuous exposure to 85 decibels or higher over an 8 hour period can have a serious irreversible effect on your hearing abilities. 

Next we discuss the ear itself, the outer, middle and inner ear components, how we 'hear' and how once the tiny hair cells inside your inner ear are damaged they will not grow back, thus, permanent hearing loss.  The film also focuses on the hearing conservation program (HCP), why a company will institute a hearing conservation program as a benefit to its employees and the components the HCP will contain: noise monitoring, hearing protection, training, and annual testing through a mobile provider, clinic or in-house program.  We also demonstrate proper use of hearing protection devices.

Other topics discussed throughout the film are how loud common daily exposures off the job can be such as listening to stereo systems at home or in the car, auto racing, working in the yard with a lawn mower, woodworking or shooting a gun among others.

Keep in mind that we sprinkle a little humor into this production whenever its possible without taking away from the seriousness of hearing loss and the importance of an effective hearing conservation program.  A safe work environment is a productive environment.  This training aid will help you achieve the important goal of educating your employees about the dangers of noise exposure on and off the job with the goal of assisting you in reducing noise induced hearing loss at your facility.

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