Noise Destroys Your Hearing

6.5 minutes

The opening scene shows a building being imploded and the text 'Noise Destroys!' to capture the viewers attention.  We remind viewers that "odds are you're using hearing protection at work when exposed to high noise levels, but don't forget to protect yourself when involved in noisy activities off the job as well", showing various off the job exposures such as heavy traffic, using a leaf blower, playing in a band, and woodworking. 

Next we discuss the ear itself in detail including the outer, middle and inner ear components and how they work.  All parts of the ear are clearly identified with an animation showing a sample signal being collected at the outer ear, being channeled through the middle and inner ear and being interpreted by the brain as 'sound'.  Also included are shots of an actual healthy cochlea and one that has been noise damaged.

The next topic is common types of hearing protection.  We show proper installation, use and care for disposable and reusable plugs, banded plugs and earmuffs while briefly touching on custom molded hearing protection as well.

Information on the hearing conservation program follows alerting associates that a program will be implemented if noise exposure is 85 decibels or higher over an 8-hour time weighted average.  An effective hearing conservation program consists of periodic noise monitoring, annual hearing testing and evaluation of the results, annual training and offering variety of free hearing protection to its employees, and we show examples of each.

The final sequence states: "Obviously, the most important component of an effective hearing conservation program is wearing your hearing protection when exposed to loud environments, whether it’s on the job or during the course of your everyday activities.  Think of all the things going on around you each day that add to your daily noise exposure.  Doesn’t it make sense to protect yourself whenever it’s possible?"  A pause with scene after scene of everyday exposures is shown.  The final statement of "If you choose not to wear hearing protection when it’s obvious you should... (shot of hearing protection) You just might end up wearing one of these instead" (shot of hearing aids) is meant to leave the viewer with a lasting impression.

A safe work environment is a productive environment.  This training aid will help you achieve the important goal of educating your employees about the dangers of noise exposure on and off the job with the goal of assisting you in reducing noise induced hearing loss at your facility.

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