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KN Production was established in 2022 as a creative agency by producer Khaled Nogara, “but the founder of the company has experience in this field for more than 10 years,” and it pioneered the digital movement in Egypt to become the leading full-fledged digital agency as it is today. KN is a comprehensive creative house specialized in video production from script to screen, rising through the ranks to become a global player in the creative and advertising industries.

Our Story

Like any story, ours began with a dream and passion for visual storytelling. We are a group of young, enthusiast professionals with extensive experience in all types of video production; we turn ideas, into visually compelling stories!. Our diverse portfolio of video production enabled us to master the cost efficiency of any project without compromising the production value We are a one-stop production house; our services include the full spectrum of video production including: pre-production, production & post-production.

Our Vision

At KN, our approach is simple. We ask questions and we listen to your vision.
We do our research. We offer creative and innovative solutions that deliver our clients fresh, engaging videos that bring their brand to life.

Our Mission

KN Production aims to be the leading motion picture production company for direct commission content. We use this power to support the broader community. Through KN Production workshops, we reach out to thousands of vulnerable youth and adults each year, empowering them to create through fun and accessible filmmaking experiences.

What we do

We are a creative house that specializes in the entire video production process, from ideation, creative direction, storyboarding and scriptwriting to pre-production, directing, post-production and delivery. We produce digital content for brands of all shapes and sizes, from new startups. With a wide range of experience, a multi-talented team and an outstanding history of success stories, we have redefined the word of production at KN.

OUR Founder


with a demonstrated history of working in the production &advertising industry has more than ten years of experience in the world of film production &the TV commercial industry. He has been involved in many important projects lately by himself, before founding KN Production Film.GHABA – MARWAN PABLOJaw Ard – Molotof Ft. Shabjdeed / Arafa & Tharthara  –  Lege-Cy 3 Daqat  Abu Ft. Yousra ) . In addition to participating in projects with many leading brands as a production manager ( Telecom EgyptEtisalatEgyptair KIA EGYPTNPK Misr El Kheir – redbull Khaled began to establish the foundation stone of his career by creating his company to penetrate the industry more and more

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