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We use both our in house and freelance experts to complete all elements of post-production. If you’re looking for a production agency, you’ve come to the right place.

At this point in the motion graphics creation process, we engage talented voiceover actors to bring the narration to life over your images.

At this point, we also choose and finalize the background music and any other sound effects needed to bring the animation, animation, and video to life. We will go through a thorough review of your audio messages where we test them multiple times in conjunction with animations to ensure they hit the mark and have maximum impact on your audience.

Audio design is the last step before we get your final approval and move forward with the rendering so we can get your video online.

Once all the pieces of your animation are put together, we carefully edit the audio content to ensure it clearly conveys your brand’s key message. Internally, the soundtrack and nearly complete motion graphics will go through several rounds of revision to get it just right. Once we are confident that your post is on point, we will pass it on to you for final review and approval.

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